A Tiny Present for a Not So Tiny Uncle….


I just love my daughter’s little gifts of creative inspiration.  For birthdays or holidays, friends and family often find themselves the recipient of one of her tiny handmade creations.  Today’s lucky recipient was Uncle Ben, otherwise known as Tiny Uncle, for his birthday.  Have I posted any of her tiny crocheting yet?  I think this is the first….

A couple of summers ago, Auntie Milan (well, Grandaunt really, but we won’t call her that because she is younger than me) gave her a crochet kit for her birthday.  As with all needlecrafts, my daughter seems to have a natural knack for them, and it didn’t take her long to get the hang of crocheting – actually only a few minutes (she is correcting me right now).  She soon got hooked on it, and discovered a new passion.  Thanks, Milan!

Here is one of her first projects, made on a 4.0 mm hook.

Little Bashful Starfish, link to pattern below…

Pattern:  http://vintagenettles.net/2011/09/19/the-littlest-bashful-starfish/

And, of course, that passion got smaller and so did the hook, 2.5 mm.

She made this fit exactly to the contours of the doll.

And smaller, 2.0 mm hook with embroidery thread….

Complete with removeable outfit and a purse!

And tiny, 0.5mm hook with sewing thread….

Each stitch is barely a millimetre….

More on her tiny crocheting to come.  Meanwhile, enjoy your birthday, Tiny Uncle!

Windy birthday walk with Tiny Uncle at Scarborough Bluffs.

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